We are the leading manufacturer of Briquetting Plant in India. Our products are immeasurably demanded in the market because they are made-up after understanding the demands of our clients and extensive R&D. Our products are made from supreme quality materials and equipment. They are manufactured as per the industrial model under the management of expert professionals. Hence execute Briquetting process efficiently. These equipments have high impact and corrosion conflict. We offer various models of machines in various specifications. These are available at very reasonably priced rates. Our Briquetting Plant works on the principle of transfiguration of waste product or biomass to Briquettes using heading less technology.

Briquetting plants are machines that manufacture solid coal out of bio-wastes & industrial wastes. Such coals are known as briquettes. These plants use compression technique under high pressure and temperature on the raw-material to produce briquettes. This machine works in a natural way & does not utilize any chemical for binding the material, often explain as binder-less technology.Briquettes are much admired and are chosen over the conventional fuel due to their features such as high thermal calorific value, least polluting & eco-friendliness, inexpensiveness, good availability etc.

Briquettes which are created by our manufactured collection of Briquetting Plant are also known as white coal and this is wholly made by binder less technology. Biomass briquette plant is located where biomass or agro forestry waste is available within the surrounding area and can be accessible in a very large amount. Also this plant is made-up to make our surroundings healthy and greener.

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Types Of Briquetting Plant:

Biomass Briquetting Plant: The Plant which transfer agro forestry waste into Bio Coal or in other conditions the mechanism which is able to convert any agro-forestry waste in to finished Briquettes / Bio-coal / White coal is Biomass Briquetting Plant.

Coal Briquetting Plant: The Coal Briquetting Plant manufactures briquette fuel to supply in different business biz: thermal authority plants, metallurgy, refractory fabric industrial unit, and heating. Apart from developed Coal Briquette, it can also make charcoal, coke powder etc.

Result Of Briquetting Plant:

  • This results in high superiority and well-built Briquette
  • Briquette weight 5-6 kg
  • This plant has considerable resources of biomass rest across worldwide