We are engaged in offering this project called “Biomass Briquetting Plant” and it is simply known as the process to convert the Agro Waste, Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste into biomass Briquettes / Bio-coal. It is well-known that the Biomass Briquetting is the best source of renewable energy for a healthy environment and economy. Besides, it is entirely eco-friendly green energy project. This renewable biomass briquetting plant plays an important role in the global economy.

We are well-known by the importance of Energy and its sources. Energy is the key factor in economic development of each nation. The request for energy is expanding step by step and the provisions of the source are restricted. It is globally red caution for non-renewable energy source like Petrol, Kerosene, Natural Gas, LPG, and Lignite and so forth. This has made an enormous hole between the request and supply of energy. Renewable energy is the ultimate solution, which can fill this hole. The vast majority of cutting edge nations have received this idea, acknowledged this venture and holding their regular assets to get the arrangement of energy and fuels.

This renewable energy project is perfect for the agricultural based countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and African countries as there is gigantic accessibility of agro-forestry waste. What’s more, it is great in modern based nations. It is the best project to create income from agroforestry waste, save the Global environment and to deliver environmentally friendly energy. The main idea of this undertaking is to create the material as a bio-coal, which is produced using the wastages. We can’t wreck the wastages completely.


The Benefit of Briquetting plant Project Report

  • High gain fulness
  • Varieties of raw materials are effectively accessible in huge quantity
  • Ready market
  • Quick revenue generation
  • 100% tax exempt for the initial 2 years
  • Eco-accommodating venture, so no need of NOC from contamination control board.