Biomass Briquetting is one of the best coal generate process. It is also a very atmosphere friendly. The final output briquette fuel is also very expensive and used in various industries like substance industries, stoneware industries, food industries, thermal authority station etc. they are used in the domestic appliance. Since the usage of this fuel is rising day after day, this process is suitable very popular among the shareholder and business entrepreneurs.

We offer our high performance Briquetting plants at very reasonable prices. They are highly preferred over our client’s products caused by their salient features and high quality. This procedure involves processing the raw-material under high pressure and temperature with our briquetting plants.


  • They offer even and consistent combustion
  • Has a higher bulk density
  • Is better for the environment welfare
  • Plenty of variety available on the basis of their size and budget
  • Beneficial very much for the future generation

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Biomass Briquetting is done to natural waste; Urban waste which helps to cleans our surrounding and reduce landfills. It burnt totally so create less dust and CO2. By utilizing this unnecessary waste into energy we save our valuable natural resources of vestige fuel. Biomass waste-to-energy conversion reduces greenhouse gas production. The greenhouse gases productions are extensively reduced by avoiding methane productions from landfills.